Letter Bird ring: ClothingLoves

Remember how in my Pig Bird Baby Drawing I was talking about about a package that I should be getting in the mail today, well it came. But it wasn't what I thought. I thought it was going to be my veggie burger t-shirt from PETA, that should be arriving soon. It was, instead the ring I had ordered a long time ago and actually complained about it not arriving  in my Rude Asians rant. But seriously their site doesn't offer any tracking information or even email you when your package ships.

I actually got it because of the first clothingloves review I did when I thought that the credits wouldn't add up. I regret it. This ring cute sure, but its so big it doesn't even fit properly on my thumb. I'm not that small of a person. So I'm going to be doing a formal giveaway (if anyone even wants it) for this next week on my Google plus page.

See those dates? The later two are when the post office "tried" to deliver the package (the first one is the order date I think). By try I mean they didn't see a car in the driveway so they didn't bother to knock on the door. I was home. Some people just happen to park in the garage. Lazy postal worker.

 Here's the customs thing on the back. I'm pretty sure they're the only company that's ever sent me something with the correct label of what it is. But they aren't that great because they quadrupled  the value of the ring. It seems like they should underestimate the value of an item if they are worried about customs, not over estimate it.

 I'm a little sad that I didn't get any cool stamps out of this...
The box is pretty! Actually it reminds me a little of a Tiffany and Co box, which of course I love.

Yeah... There was a lot of tape around the box, so it ended up dead.

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