Kohl's Tanks Haul

This is a haul of the stuff I bought from Kohl's yesterday, and actually I have done a Kohl's Haul before although I really don't shop there too much. I find their prices to be cheap, but impossible to understand. Unless I have like a 50% off coupon I always feel like I could have done better. One thing I do love though is Kohl's tank tops that have built in shelf bras. I did a post where I got a Kohl's tank top before too. But I love to wear these underneath stuff because what can I say, I'm a modest girl. But only in how I dress, in how I speak and act I'm just a little bit vulgar.

 All right this is going to be a little boring because all of these are the exact same thing just in different colors. So I'm starting with yellow!
 Next is the pink and I have to say this color looks much better in person. I think its the camera filter I used.
 After that is the blue. This looks a little bit more green in person.
Last is a white tank top. This one is for sure going to be the most used. My last white tank top got stretched out.

Hanna Lei
See this extra large picture. Its of my face, because I think my blog is too impersonal. I took it yesterday after I went shopping so now you know how I look. See how thin my arm is? I didn't do any photoshop to it so I don't know what's going on there. And. My eyes look creepy. 

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