Ice cream Fish

Ice Cream Fish 

Since I'm trying to gain weight so that I can donate blood I'm no longer on a diet. Which is fantastic because now I can eat a ton of different fatty foods without worrying about maintaining my in shape figure (okay maybe its actually kind of thin). I think it makes me grumpy though I mean I did two rants recently. Both were bad, but really my rude asian rant is really bad because those people are paying me, and the customer is always right. But they really are terrible. You know how I do those clothingloves reviews. Well, they emailed me telling me I should move the banner of theirs to the top HAHAHA no. I have to do four posts a month for them (that they always make me revise) and I only get twenty dollars store credit to their store. Plus I have to put up their crappy banner. 

Wow I think I might need to do something about my attitude because that turned from Ice Cream fish to yet another rant.
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