Halloween What to Wear 2012


So here's my little guide, or outfit post on what to wear for Halloween this year. Now I've been to a lot of teenage and "young adult" parties and I have one thing to say. Less is more. Always. You aren't a little kid going trick-or-treating anymore so there isn't any reason to dress like it. Sure you want to have fun and look cute, but trust me when I say a full on outfit from a costume shop isn't cute. Boys don't like it, and really other girls don't either. You look sad.  

So instead of going to the costume shop and buying some super short dress and putting it with stripper tights  and then painting your face with too much makeup, just be classy. Wear clothes that you normally would, with just a little bit of slutty (since this is Halloween), because that's cute and trying too hard isn't.

So Here's What you do
  • Wear torn skinny jeans - Ripped jeans are by far my favorite kind. They'll make your legs look longer and you can go for that just died thing that seems to be popular for Halloween.
  • Cat Crop Top - If you have the stomach for it wear a crop top with a cute cat on it. This will tie into your outfit and you can wear it again.
  • Heeless Wedge - These high heel less wedge shoes are super trendy, and will get you some attention. But they are simple enough they can be re worn. If you are going to be walking a lot though fancy ballet style shoes might be better
  • Black Mascara and eye liner - you want your eyes to look huge so pile on the mascara and maybe some false eyelashes. If you wear contacts you could even try I. Fairy Tofi Blue Circle lenses  - Then with the black eyeliner (after using on your eyes of course) draw on cat whiskers. This is actually important because without it nobody will "get" your outfit.
  • Lace Cat Ear Headband - This may be be hard to find but its almost as important at the whiskers, and I'm sure some etsy shop somewhere is selling it. The lace is yet another trendy item, but its not too over done to go with the other items.

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