Grand Cat

I do a lot of book reviews and although I like to do giveaways and donate these books to charity, I save a few, select books, for my grandparents. I know such a nice grand child. But really they have thousands of books and have read them all. Every time I see them they always seem to have bought new ones. So today I took three to them.

This cat isn't one that I own or even one that my grandparents own. Its actually their neighbor's. I was walking up their driveway and saw it and since its a cat obviously its cute so I had to take a picture. I wasn't sure if it would run away so the first two pictures were taken from a distance. It could have been one that bites too, because I've been bitten by a cat before. 

The cat ended up being really friendly. And I love that it has a collar which kept me from being tempted to take it home. Remember my stray cat?

This cat was so tiny too, so I think it was young. I wanted to stay outside longer and play with it, but it was freezing.
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