Four to Fit In

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I've actually started to love making Polyvores now that I know how to get rid of all their pesky links which is super easy to do I can post them on my blog without them making a commission every time you guys click on a link. So here's my latest polyvore. My best is my dresses for fat girls.

Four to fit in
to school of course

Of course fitting in to school is more than just the clothes you where (ahm you have to also be a nice person) but the clothes you wear can really help. Especially with things like first impressions. Which as sad as it may be sometimes never really go away. So here's the clothes.

  • Multicolored long sleeve shirt - This is a "trendy" shirt, but it isn't overly glamorous so for middle school, and high school (as well as early college), not to mention its super comfortable. The pocket though is a trick. Don't try to put something like your phone in it.
  • Black Tank Top - This should be really tight because its going to go under your shirt, and suck in your gut. If you don't like it too bad, if you don't then that white shirt is going to clearly show your bra.
  • Bailey Ugg Boots - I know. I know. Everyone makes jokes about how UGLY Ugg boots are but these are adorable and you know it. Since they are short they are also going to make your legs look longer. And everyone else wears them so they're perfect for fitting in.
  • Distressed Skinny Jeans - I love skinny jeans. Honestly I'm not sure why there are any other kind... like boot cut? I'm pretty sure you're supposed to wear your boots over your jeans and those just make it impossible.
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