Fishing Man

Fishing Man Drawing

I remember fishing one time. It was awful. I mean, not really awful, but just not fun. I really don't understand why someone would want to take their time sitting all day in the hot sun so that they might, or might not, catch a few fish. I don't even think they taste that good. And it only saves money if you are out of a job, because thanks to the government's minimum wage laws you make at least seven dollars an hour. And since it takes at least two hours (I'm guessing. I actually have no idea) to catch a fish. And even though I know nothing about grocery shopping I'm pretty sure a fish doesn't cost that much. And if it did I wouldn't buy it, not that I would anyways. 

Not only that but getting them off the little hook is so terrible, and I'd feel like a super mean person. And I'm pretty sure I remember a girl that I know getting cut on the scales doing that.  I would much rather have a fish tank (even though I don't like pets) I mean my fish tank at night looks so cool.
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