Fire Escape

Because I'm a weird person, instead of sleeping in my uber comfortable bed last light I decided to sleep on the couch. Actually I did it so that I could watch T.V., but I think some ended up turning that off because when I woke up it wasn't on ( it could have been me). What's really sad about me sleeping on the couch is that next week I'm, finally, getting new floors so I'll have to be either sleeping on the couch or in the guest bedroom. 

I was at my grandparents home, staying over. In the middle of the night I woke up to someone breaking in. Going towards the front to see what was going on (I have no idea why people always do this) I saw a man, a woman, and two very scary very large dogs in the living room. The then rounded us up in the living room and set the  house on fire. Fire like the man next to fire drawing. After setting the house on fire they went outside to guard the front door while my family and I were supposed to burn up. 

Of course I went back to the guest bedroom and called 911 from my phone, but it seemed I couldn't quite get the address correct. Which was okay because they were able to look the stuff up. They took forever coming to their house, which is weird because its in town, and the whole time I was looking for a way out.

The man and woman then let us outside where I was almost attacked by one of the dogs. The next door neighbors came home after this and they were captured as well, and then their house was set on fire. After this were were all lead back into my grandparents burning home where I then called 911 again to see what was taking so long. The operator then informed me the fire man had been there but decided to leave because he didn't see anything suspicious. 

  Now that I'm awake and its nice and light outside, my dream doesn't seem nearly so scary. But my writing of this story was terrible so I should probably stick to writing things like my purple shampoo review 
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