Fall Break

As long as you don't count Friday (because I had to go to school) this is the first official day of fall break. Which for me is going to be two whole weeks. During which I plan on finishing up some college stuff, do school work and of course blog. Today however was pretty lazy since I just spent a little bit of time at the escape estate with my family.

 A picture of my feet, wearing gold Chinese laundry shoes  shoes that I got from Von Maur. Actually I'm laying/sitting on a wooden bridge over a very tiny stream.
 And there it is. This stream used to be about four feet long, but than they had someone come and change it because it would run over too close to the house during a heavy rain.
 And a solo picture of the bridge. Basically its just there so that the lawn mower (which is huge) can get across the stream. Its not made for looks like the covered bridge is.
 Further down the stream meets a much larger one (the one that the covered bridge goes across)
 I think this water is at least five feet deep, but since my swimming is terrible I'll never know.
 Obviously fall has not set in, in this area yet.
 Another picture of my favorite cat. This one doesn't have her face.
Fanta.... the Hitler Nazi drink.
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