Dry Hand Screen

 Look. My hand has paint all over it from doing the primer on my walls. It won't come off either. I've tried washing it off like five different times, which really did nothing.  They only thing that works is peeling it off piece by piece. Which is gross. The worst part is that this is all my fault because I decided to touch up the paint by using my hands. Oh yeah, and their super dry now, so I have to use my evolution of smooth hand lotion

 An accidental shot of my computer screen. See look at me blogging, that's what I do. But actually its kind of hard because my wrist hurts really bad from all the painting. I wonder if this is how people feel when they have arthritis. If so then I feel so bad for them. 

I bought a rubber maid tube to put all of my old toys and things from when I was a little kid. I really don't understand the point of keeping all of this stuff, but my parents seem to think its a good idea so maybe I'll like it when I'm their age.

 Oh look all of those little kid stuffed animals (which I used to love)  If you look closely you can also see a tin of Pokemon cards which didn't seem to make it into my Pokemon Nostalgia    blog post. I  got rid of the others, but these are so pretty...

An air freshener I found since I can't bathe my dog.
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