Donate Them

I recently cleaned out my closet and I have a few (more than a few) things that I'm going to donate to either the salvation army or goodwill. I'm actually having a hard time trying to decide between the two, because really I think they both do a lot of good.

But anyways here's the clothing that I'm giving away. A lot of it I've only worn once or twice and some of it not at all. It seems like such a waste, because for most of these items I knew the day after I bought it that I hated it. I need to seriously work on smart shopping. By the way all this pictures are terrible because I'm lazy.

 Two aeropostale polo shirts that haven't been worn since 6th grade.  A white shirt that I bought for band before we switched to all black. This might also be from sixth grade. A pink dress shirt that has never been worn because its not me.

A sweater, that would be a dress if I were shorter, but because I'm not it sits awkwardly. I don't think its been worn more than once. A blue long sleeved shirt that is a little too tight in the chest. A black sweater that is just too frumpy. 

 A blue shirt that is a little too stretched out. A red shirt I'm just tired of. A dark brown shirt that my mother bought me that I never really liked. I might have worn it twice just to try it out.

 An expensive von maur shirt that I didn't end up liking which is weird because I love most von maur things. Take for example my von maur shoe haul.  A brown shirt that has an awkward fit. A nordstrom shirt that I might end up keeping. I just have no idea how to wear it.

 A purple nordstrom shirt that I wore once before hating. Check out my Nordstrom rack haul for things I do like. A weird shirt that I used to wear. Just not my style. A T.J. maxx shirt I might keep. You can look at my Tj Maxx sweater haul for my most recent store purchases.

 A blue shirt that I'm just tired of. Some odd purple thing from debs. And a black shirt that I'm pretty sure isn't even mine.

A purple jacket that is adorable, but just not my style. A tank top that I was going to get rid of before, but never got around to. But I did donate the other stuff that was with it.
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