ClothingLoves Wishlist

So you all know about, they wholesale clothing and I absolutely adore everything they have which happens to be super well priced. I mean really how can you not?  Everything they stock is adorable. So here's the wishlist of the stuff I want

First up is is this cotton long sleeve shirt in tan. It also comes in black, but I think the tan would look more formal. But its $10.19 which is super cheap, and here's the link get your own off shoulder shirt

Next is this Double Breasted Japanese style winter coat. Winter is coming and I really want a new coat and this one is less than $35 which is a lot less than I normally spend on this kind of stuff. Since its Khaki colored I'll even feel like a detective. But a super warm one because its made of wool

And last but not least this black halter dress. I really have been needing a nice black dress and this one is super cute with the sheer top. Best of all its only $14.

So if you're wanting some new clothes head on over to 
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