Clothingloves Long Sleeve T

ClothingLoves is a wholesale clothing  retailer who sells everything from wedding dresses to Wholesale mens clothing. I've done a few posts about them before, and If you still want to know more you can check out my first clothingloves review.  I've actually been looking to buy a few shirts lately so, I'll show you some of the items I've found on that I would love to get.

Women New Fashion Casual Cotton Blend Grey Multi-Colored Spliced Long Sleeves Round Neck Fitting Top

Isn't this top adorable? Its starting to get cold outside and you know how much I love long sleeve shirts so this would be perfect for fall. I also love the two different colored sleeves that this shirt has because I've never seen a shirt so unique. If you're keen it also comes in black. 

Women Fashion On Sale Korean Style Sequined Long Sleeves Black Cotton One Size T-Shirt

At first I thought that the shirt was actually a shirt and a vest, but nope the shiny stuff is attached to it. It comes in white as well as the black and of course like all stuff its extremely affordable.

So head on over to clothing loves  for your new clothes
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