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I have a new post about today. I've done a so if you want more information about them be sure to check out those blog posts. Basically though. Clothing Loves is an online store that sells wholesale clothing at extremely cheap prices, because well its whole sale. Today though I'm going to show you a wish list of the coats  I want from their store.

Coffee New Wool Blend Coat Jacket Discount Cape Women Coat  $34 

'I actually saw a cape similar to this while I was on myNordstrom Rack haul a while back, but it was over $200 so needless to say, I didn't get it.  This coat though is under $40

Fashion Orange Horn Button Thicken Cotton Blends Knitting

Okay this is a little bit more like a sweater, but its so cute! I also love the orange color. Not only that but you could wear this inside, which is great because sometimes its not easy to find a place to put your coat.

And for all your clothing needs, from Special Occasion Dresses to Wedding Dresses be sure to go to
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