Candle Fire

Last night after I came home from the Escape Estate  I was sitting in my living room and I noticed the candle placed by the fire place. It looked so pretty, that I decided to take a few photos of it, and then I edited them using snapseed. I know I'm supposed to be doing more posts like my purple shampoo review during the break, but these are so much easier, not to mention look a lot prettier on my blog.

 This kind of looks like something dirty, but I promise its just a part of a cuckoo clock that hasn't been hung up. Its actually rather small and heavy.
 The first candle picture I took, using my iPhone. I tried to make the focus on the flame.
And here's where I put the focus on the bottom of the candle. Same angle and distance. Its kind of weird how different the two photos can be.

Here are the photos without being edited.
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