Broken Cap

So here's my second day of staying home. I've done six beauty reviews today, my favorite of which is the Avon toilette splash review which is kind of funny since its actually my least favorite product of the day. But the day is still young so don't be surprised to see another (although I will be putting it below this post).  Actually I'm starting to run out of beauty products to review, so by the end of the week I might just be doing polyvores and random shop wishlists to fill up my time. Oh yeah, and of course I'll be doing drawings from my iPad. Now that I think about it, I might do one of those tonight. 

On another note remember how I said I wasn't going to be doing any more eBay selling? Well, I lied. I actually put something up yesterday and it already has a bid, and four watches. But don't get too excited. It's a book.

And the last note before you look at the pretty pictures, I used the iPhone app Adobe Photo Shop express to make these, but since I only had the sample version it was a pain. But the frames look cute.

 Halloween is coming up and I'm actually kind of excited for it this year. Which is funny because its the only year I won't be doing something. And by doing something I mean going to a party. Maybe I'm not a people person...
 A spray bottle in my kitchen, right across from Elizabeth my African Grey Bird's Cage. When she starts screaming I just spray her with it. Call me cruel but it works. And its not like it actually hurts her.
 I always get a ton of magazines, and really I never read them. I did find someone to take them for me though.
 Two new eos lotions came for me in the mail today. The top on the one is broke, but I figure after using one up I can just put the whole straw thing in the other. It isn't really worth sending it back. I was going to do a review on these lotions, but they are so similar to the Eos Hand and Body Active Care Lotion Review  I wouldn't even know what to say. I read the back of them and its exactly. the. same. thing. Just in different wording. I'd be harder to write than the toothpaste review I did.
And here is my new phone background for both the lock screen and home screen. Obviously this is without the frame, so its just a black screen.
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