Book Review: Battalion

By Adam Hamdy

About the book

The world of the future is short of oil and riven by strife. Scott Pierce is hunting a man known as the Spider - a man intent on destroying the foundations of American democracy. Pierce discovers a terrifying plot to strike at the institutions that safeguard the United States. The Spider has audacious plans to plunge America into anarchy. Isolated, hunted and facing impossible odds, Pierce races to prevent the unfolding attack. 

About the Author

Adam Hamdy was born in London in 1974 and read Law at Oxford and Philosophy at London. He spent a number of years working as a management consultant before embarking on his career as a writer. He writes for the screen, and has a number of film and television projects on both sides of the Atlantic. His critically acclaimed debut graphic novel, The Hunter (2007) has become one of the most widely read new titles in recent years. His second graphic novel series Starmaker: Leviathan was published in 2010. Adam Hamdy lives in Shropshire with his wife Amy and their two children.  

My thoughts

Battalion is a fasted paced action novel about a future that could really happen. Adam Hamdy uses detailed knowledge about security and world affairs to make seem even more realistic. The character the Spider plays as a perfect foil to the protagonist Scott Pierce. If you're looking for a good read I'd definitely recommend checking out Battalion.  
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