Blogger Packages

 Look at all this stuff, I got in the mail just from today. Its all free from blogging. Two books, a shirt and a very large box with contents that are a secret. Oh and the two books I got paid to blog about. Seriously everyone should try blogging just to get cool stuff.

Here's my Peta2 shirt that I got, and the two books. They weren't terrible, but not the best I've read. I find that the best books are the book sneeze ones but, I don't get paid to do those.

 Oh of the books came in this awful packaging that is about impossible to open. It gets all this fuzzy stuff everywhere and it smells terrible.
 The paint for my room! Hopefully it will get painted tomorrow. Going to the store and looking at all the different paints reminded my me of my Essie Penny talk nail polish and my Essie Miss Fancy Pants nail polish because the store had so many different, but yet very similar colors to chose from.

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