Bird with Ears

This really did start out as a dog, or maybe even a pig. Some type of mammal for sure. But then I realized what a bad job I was doing at making that work so I decided to turn it into a bird by adding a beak. Because I did an orange bird drawing that turned out well before. But I didn't manage to remove either the ears or the eyebrows so I guess its really a drawing of the baby a pig and a bird. I know super cool.

  Speaking of pigs... I think I'm supposed to be getting a t-shirt from Peta (I know, super loose connection) sometime soon. I'm pretty sure it actually came in the mail already because I have something to sign for at the post office, and I have no idea what else it would be. Although they didn't make me sign last time... When it does come I'll be doing something sort of like my Tj Maxx sweater haul for it, although since its one item it might be a little ( or a lot) like my Tiffany and Co Villa Paloma Palm post 
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