Bathroom Tour

I've done a few tours in the past, like my closet and room tour, but now I'm going to do a bathroom tour. Which really isn't that great of a bathroom, actually the worst in the house. But its so much better than having to share one. Anyways here it is. 

Oh and if you're wondering why its in black and white, its because that was my attempt at making the place look classy. I know. Genius.

 I keep a lot of the products that I use in my armoire which is in my bedroom, but some I do keep out in the open (as you can see). I use my clean & clear morning burst about once a week. I've been really fond of the little sample of facial cleaner I received and have been using that recently. Even though I use both of those things, I still have a little bit of acne which I cover up using Maybelline BB Cream. I also have a brown and black eye liner (that I rarely use) and non prescription eye glasses. Also notice how I use non brand name contact solution, because I really cannot tell the difference. Then there is the hand soap, as well as my chi iron guard which is weird because I have a big mirror in my room to do my hair. Oh. and those Kleenexes that you see, I've never used those. Pretty sure my mother put them there.
 My plethora of contact cases. Actually there was one more, but I threw them out (they were getting old). Honestly someone with huge eyes naturally like me only needs circle lenses for special occasions. Oh well. Oh and I almost missed the Nivea lotion to the side. As you can clearly see the bathroom has a sea (haha) design, which is... tacky.
So I almost didn't show this drawer, but oh well. Basically it holds my dove deodorant my electric razor, and some disposable ones, mascara and then random candles. Candles that I've never used.
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