Avon Moisture Therapy

Moisture Therapy
Hand Cream

So when I did my Mary Kay review I was talking about how much I really wanted a good hand lotion. Well, I found Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream, which is fantastic, because not only does it work, its also cheap and easy to get (unlike some of the Asian beauty products I like) I have fallen in love with Avon. Take for example my Avon Mink Vison Nail Polish Review. I'm starting to think that I should sell Avon. 

Usage. First off, my hands were super dry before using this hand lotion but the bottle says its for extremely dry skin so, since I fit that I went ahead and used it. And let me tell you, although Avon's moisture therapy comes out of the bottle smoothly this lotion is thick. Unless your hands are extremely dry (like mine were) I would only use this for elbows and knees.

Packaging and smell. Alright I know I shouldn't be expecting anything like my Bath and Body Works Christmas Lotion   but both the packaging and the smell are so ugly. Something more similar to what my grandmother would use. Maybe that's why none of my friends like avon...
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