Avon Glittering Hair Gel

Simply Radiant
Glittering Hair Styling Gel

Another small sized Avon product. But you might want to keep reading, because this one is very different. Its hair gel, with glitter.  Now I've done a lot of reviews before but I've only done one other one that had to do with hair gel, and that would be the L.A. Looks Gel review  . Oh yeah and I've done a ton of reviews over gels to curl your hair, but those don't count.

First of all this texture of this gel is really weird, but I'm going to assume that's because of the added glitter. Its just a little too chunky for my tastes. When applied though it doesn't really feel that way, which is great. Another great thing is that it is supposed to be applied to dry hair. Which is fantastic because it really is a hassle to have to use gel with wet hair, too hard to style.

Of course another thing, and possibly my favorite thing about this Glittering hair styling gel is that it is indeed glittering with for real glitter. And not too much to make you look trashy, just enough to make you sparkle. 

The bottle that this is in though is terrible. I found that I had a lot of trouble squeezing it out, It would be so much better with a top made to get it out, but I guess that would be more expensive to manufacture. Another thing is that it really doesn't smell that good, and I like my hair products to smell good. I mean look at my Herbal Essenes Hair Spray review
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