American Horror Story: Asylum

I had to make an American Horror Story Polyvore. Normally I don't like doing polyvores because it doesn't seem like they are all that popular, except the dresses for fat girls that I did a long time ago. Not to mention all their affiliated link crap (but I found a way around this).I've been seeing the commercials on television but I actually thought it was a trailer for an upcoming movie. I didn't know they would put so much marketing into a season premiere for a television show.  But now I know what I'm going to be doing next Wednesday, watching American Horror Story.  Best of all I'll still be out on break so I don't have to worry about staying up.

Seriously I love horror films and I hope that this show is as good as my favorite movies. Its set in the 1960's in a nun ruled Asylum for mentally challenged people.  I remember going on a Girl Scouts trip to a early 1900's asylum, which is kind of weird because we were like twelve at the most. 

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