When Bad Christians Happen to Good People

Book Review
When Bad Christians Happen to Good People
Where we have failed each other and how to reverse the damage
by Dave Burchett

About the Book

Have you been betrayed by a Christian friend? Are you disillusioned with the church? If you have been hurt by Christians, you know all about anger and resentment. But what about a workable solution?? How can the words and actions of "bad Christians" be addressed so that mistakes are not repeated? When Bad Christians Happen to Good people offers a workable response and ultimately, a new way of living. In this revised and updated edition, you will find healing for hurts inflicted by others. At the same time you will discover ways to help Christians and church leaders recognize the damage that is done by unexamined assumptions words and actions. 

After dealing with his own hurt, Dave Burchett now shows believers how to:
Live as Jesus Followers, not rule enforcers
Stop using religious performance as the standard for accepting others
Let go of moralism, legalism and an allegiance to try harder
discover God's Grace as a daily reality not just a word to use in evangelism

Working toward a solution will benefit your own life at the same time it helps others. Whether you have been a bad Christian in the past, or have been hurt bu one there is a better way to live.

About the Author

Dave Burchett started his career as a disc jockey in Ohio, and later moved into sports broadcasting. An emmy award winning television sports director, he has directed events ranging from baseball hall of famer nolan ryan's  sixth no hit game to the summer olympics. The author of Bring Em back alive and a blogger on Crosswalk and thefish Burchett writes honestly and authentically out of his personal experience. He and his wife Joni live in Texas and have three adult sons as well as a daughter, in heaven. 
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