Two too many

Work Out

After going to the AT&T to activate the new iPhone 5 and get sweaters from TJ Maxx, I then made my way to Dunkin Donuts. To get, well some donuts. A dozen actually. Originally I was just going to get them all glazed, but I decided to have a little variety so I just randomlypicked some.  
As soon as I got in the car I proceeded to eat on. When I chose it I expected it to be cream filled (which just so happens to be my favorite kind). But then I took a bite of it and as you can tell by the picture, there was no cream! Disappointed I took another bite and then ended up with cream all over my hands because I didn't expect it to be there. Tonight (while I was blogging) I ate another one. 

This gets me to the title two to many. I know I talked about gaining weight so I could donate blood, but really I don't need to do that. I'm a fashion blogger  and a lot of the clothes I receive only come in small sizes. I really just need to get in shape, which means working out.
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