T.J. Maxx Sweater Haul

Remember that iPhone 5 my mother got yesterday? Well it ended up due to contracts that my mother, my father and I had to all go to the AT&T store when she activated her phone. And we had to stand there for over three hours while they called cooperate customer service and whatever else. There wasn't anywhere to even sit. Luckily though there was a T.J. Maxx right next door so I got to do a little shopping. I did a T.J. Maxx Rocker Haul  not that long ago, so I guess you could say I'm a "maxxinista". Just like my last "haul" though I only got two things both of which are sweaters.

T.J. Maxx Sweaters

Happening in the Present (h.i.p) sweater 
So I got this sweater in a small, which I'm kind of regretting, but they didn't have it this coral color in an extra small. Just blue and black. And with my very blond hair coral looks amazing on me (not to mention my very green eyes). I also love the gold flakes that this sweater has, because it makes it unique. It looks a little itchy but its actually super soft and it hasn't been washed yet so I think it will end up feeling like cashmere after a few wears. This was originally priced at $30 and I got it for $15. That's half off, which is great and this is a brand I see all the time at Nordstrom.   

Kenji Sweater
I bought this sweater because I really don't have any with stripes and I liked the brown and white contrast. Of course I didn't try it on and when I got home to take haul photos I noticed on the sleeves there are patches at the elbow. which I love! This sweater was originally $28 but I bought it for $17.

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