Review: Its a love game

Book Review
It's a love game 
by A.G. Starling

About the book

Lizzie Bennington is on the brink of winning her first title in a mixed doubles match at the Boca Raton tournament when Jack Archer, Lizzie's competitor across the net stops playing complaining of leg cramps. As she watches the trainer's hands move up Jack's muscular loin Lizzie tries to keep her composure but she cannot hide her admiration. When Jack catches an unwitting look of prurient pleasure in Lizzie's eyes the real game between the plucky spirited beauty and the reckless thrill seeking playboy begins.

But Jack's overtures only anger Lizzie. She can't forget the unsportsman like stunt that lost her the Boca match. She knows he is a notorious playboy. What's more Christina Richter is his partner off the court as well as on it. Still Lizzie cannot deny her attraction. When she finally gives in the relationship is threatened by Christina but by the number one men's player Rodolfo Salazar a volatile sexy Spaniard who would like nothing better that to cross the net to get Lizzie before Jack  does. Even so no one stands in the way of Lizzie and Jack's union more than Lizzie and Jack themselves. Only time will tell if two players on opposite sides of the net can find love/

About the author

A.G. Starling lives with her dog Suttree in Monterey California where she is a college professor. She is an avid tennis fan and an ardent reader of the author who designed the flawless blueprint for the romance novel- Jane Austen

My thoughts.

This book has a lot going on. Girl likes boy. Boy likes another girl. But then yet another boy likes first girl. When I first read the summary I thought this book was going to be a mess. But I was pleasantly surprised. The author, A.G. Starling, gives each character their own personality and provides details about them, but yet stays on the main story line of the novel. Its a book I couldn't put down until the end.
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