Review: Eucerin Calming Body Wash

Calming Body Wash

I actually received this body wash sample last year from a Dermatologist event. The event was for a well known doctor in my area, and it talked about different skin care ideas as well as non invasive procedures. I ended up with a lot of great ideas for self improvement in the future (when I have more money), as well as a a bag full of cool skin care samples. After I was cleaning out my stuff I saw I had a lot of samples to review so here's one.

First off, I really don't like the bottle. Its not really gold and its not really brown. I guess they made it this color because its a shower oil, but to me that's no excuse for being ugly. I really would not want this bottle sitting in my bathroom based solely on how it looks. It also smells awful. Maybe this too is because it is an oil, but I still expect it to smell nice. Take for example my Eos Hand Lotion review  that stuff smells amazing and it still works.

That leads me into the quality of the Eucerin Calming Body Wash, Daily shower oil. It does work, really well actually. If you have sensitive skin this is the product to get (minus it being so ugly) would be great. It has natural omega oils and calms dry itchy skin. 

The verdict 3/5, because although this stuff looks and smells terrible it really does do its job.
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