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Paramount Zone

Paramount Zone is a United Kingdom based commerce consumer site. They sell unique items, ranging from cool gadgets, games, tech stuff, sports gadgets, mp3 players, one of a kind toys and novelty items, lifestyle accessories, bachelor pad items, boy's toys and bar items. They been operating since June of 2000 and have quickly made a name for themselves for selling unique and quirky items, as well as their super fast delivery and excellent customer service   They have a team that tests out every product who have evaluated thousands of products. From shower radios, programmable Frisbees, cocktail shakers, alcohol checkers, 
projection clocks, golf gadgets, mp3 players (and much much more) Paramount Zone's people have tested it all, and you can buy it all from their online store.

About their products

Shower Radio

I know that at least some of my readers sing in the shower (most likely all of you), and I'm not ashamed to admit I do it too sometimes. Well, when I was browsing Paramount Zone's site, I saw something... A shower radio. So now you don't have to sing alone. You can just tune in to your favorite radio station ( AM or FM) and sing right alone with Katy Perry to Teenage Dream.

Here's some more about the shower radio.

  • Its water proof (which is great because you might die if it wasn't)
  • Battery Operated
  • Volume Adjustable, goes from very soft to  loud
Best of all its easy to install, since it has suction cups which is great, because I'm really not that great at fixing or installing stuff... What can I say? I'm a woman. It looks really cool too! Extremely futuristic, it'd kind of make me feel like I was stepping into a time machine every time I took a shower. If I got this it'd go right next to my Princess Loufa.

Stocking Fillers

Christmas may seem really far away ( I mean September isn't even over yet) but trust me it is never too early to start shopping for Christmas. Take for instance those day after Christmas shopping mall sales. I know that I'm not the only one hording that stuff until Christmas. I don't buy up on big things though that would take too much space (not to mention that kind of stuff gets out dated very quickly) What I do get is stocking fillers. Not only are they easy to store, but they can be given to any one. They don't have to go into stockings or really even be given at Christmas time. I use this kind of stuff if I forget a friend's birthday (I know, that's terrible, but they don't know the difference). Paramount Zone has great stocking fillers too, which is great for that last minute thing, or if your like me to be prepared for the long run.

So here are some videos of a few of the Stocking Fillers that they sell on Paramount Zone.

Flying Monkey.

I don't know why, but this monkey is adorable. Not to mention the video is hilarious.

Man Bowl

Seriously. This is a perfect present for that someone special ;)

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