Skipping School

Most of these pictures were taken today, but a few are a little older. They however could have been taken any day, and by that I mean they aren't time sensitive. Today was actually a really good day. I was able to sleep in an extra hour because there was a two hour delay due to fog, and then at the end of the day was a rally thing for home coming that I decided to skip, so I found a ride home and ended up leaving an hour early. So I missed three hours of school, but still maintained my perfect attendance.

A sign I saw in the school restroom. Seems kind of silly to me. But I guess I've never really been in a "unhealthy relationship", so what do I know.
 You can see my pretty iPhone case in this picture.
 My math study guide. The test was supposed to be today but thanks to the delay I don't have to do it until Monday.
 What color we were supposed to wear today. I took a picture of these so I wouldn't end up wearing a class color #noschoolspirit
 The box that my Essie Miss Fancy Pants Nail Polish came in today. I already did a review of it!
 A book that I had to review came today as well... Not as interesting.
A paper from one of my classes that I lost so I had to take a picture of my friend's.
My current phone background. Which happens to be a picture of my favorite kind of fish. I actually saw these in Hawaii
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