Melted Butter

If you know me you know that I don't it breakfast or lunch. It seems kind of extreme, but in the mornings I'm in too much of a rush to eat. I get up about seven and have to be at school by seven forty. That leaves little time for anything other than rushing to get ready (especially since I don't pick out my clothes the night before) As for lunch, I'd say I just eat a late lunch since I get home about three and eat then. I cannot stand school food. Its too gross. And the lines are to o long so by the time you sit down you have ten minutes to eat.  

 The first thing I had when I got home was two brown sugar pop tarts.  I put them in the toaster, on low for a little under a minute.  Which is quite different from what I do with my flat iron but that's okay because I use Chi Iron Guard
 I also had a glass of milk, which is healthy! Because I don't drink soft drinks.
So. I was going to have a little bit of Italian bread with butter, but the butter was hard (because it had been in the refrigerator) so I figured I'd heat it up in the microwave. So I put the whole stick in for 30 seconds, and this is what happend... I had to clean up the mess myself, but at least I ended up with soft butter. 
And then I found this (about three hours later) and ate it. I have a feeling this is more salt than I needed.  

Oh yeah and for dinner I had a chef salad but I forgot to take a picture of it.
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