Let Her Speak Blog

This is a feature of the up and coming blog Let Her Speak.

I am Mariliis, 23 year old fashion blogger from Estonia. My blog Let Her Speak (www.letherspeak.blogspot.com) is still fairly new - it just turned 1 in august. I blog about my style and life in general. As i said I am living in Estonia we dont have all the cool highstreet shops here, so to be up to date with fashion I make part of the clothes I am wearing myself. I get inspired by different blogs i follow and streetstyle in general.
I love trying out new things - mixing and matching. One day you can see me wearing boyfriend cut jeans, tank top and sneakers but the next day high heels and super girly dress, so I guess you can say my style varies a lot depending on my mood. As i said i wear high heels, should I mention the fact that i am 180cm tall and I honestly dont care what people think. Nobody should. Wear what you want & love!

Besides writing to my own blog, i also write to several webpages on fashion related topics.  
I have been featured in so many papers and webpages - and that only in one year, I couldnt be happier :)
I think the perfect job for me would be stylist or fashion editor for a magazine.



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