iPhone Five

 Sitting at my front door looking very similar to the Popchips Box (other than the major size difference) was another very discreet looking box. But this time I knew what it was. The new iPhone 5. My mother called me to make sure I'd bring it in when I came home, since it is for her (the contract on my iPhone 4S doesn't end for another year, so no new phone for me until then). She ordered it from AT&T so tomorrow I  guess she has to go activate it, but until then I can use the WiFi on it. On another note, I can't believe they didn't sign it registered mail so someone would sign for it.  This would be something I'd steal.
 So here's the iPhone box inside the big box...
 The plastic coating was so hard to get off! I had to use a knife to cut it.
Look how shiny it is. You can so see my pretty iphone case that I still use.

 And here's the back. To be honest I like the back of my phone better, but it really doesn't matter since its going to have a case on it. Oh, I do like that it's lighter. What can I say? I'm a weakling.
 The stuff in the bottom of the phone box that goes with it.

 I really don't like this new charger. This means I won't be able to use this for my iPad, and my mother won't be able to share a charger with me on trips.
I do however like the new headphones, because they look super cool.

Did you see the other package I got in the mail today. I actually already did a blog post on it too. Check out my Essie Miss Fancy Pants Review 

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