ClothingLoves Gloves

So if you read my blog, you'd know I've done a Clothingloves Review  before so you can check out my introduction to them there. In case you decided not to click over (shame on you!), then ClothingLoves is a sells Wholesale Clothing at super cheap prices.

So here are some gloves I really want! Because winter is coming up.

Sweety Plum Bossom Double Deck Woolen Gloves Yellow

Aren't they adorable? And for only $2.50. All of their other items are super cheap like this too. I have no idea how they do it though! I am pretty sure that a pair of gloves I bought from Walmart were at least ten dollars last year. 

These come in a a lot of different colors too.  Pink, Rose, Blue, Purple, and Violet. These colors are all really girly shades too. Which is super cool, because that's what I am, a girl.
Haha I think I'm going to go buy these gloves now, my hands will stay as soft as when I did my Eos Hand Lotion review

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