Butter Scott

I know. I barely ever do any Everyday food posts. Its not that I don't eat because I really do. Its just that I never remember to take pictures of what I'm eating.  Speaking of weight I'm actually trying to gain some. Like ten or more pounds actually.  See I signed up to donate blood next month and you are supposed to weigh 110+ pounds, but I only weigh a hundred. So I'm going to have to bulk up or else I'll pass out. 

 This was my dinner last night. The mashed potatoes were amazing. Although they could have done without the bacon on top. This is why America is fat. But seriously I could live off of those things. Some of the broccoli was good, but some of it was over cooked. 
 And here is my steak. I always eat it rare. So if I get sick, you'll know why. The inside was very good. But I wish they had done the outside differently, it was too tough. If I could have my meat less cooked than rare, than I would.
 Apple pudding I had today. It wasn't bad. Not as good as others though.
 Butterscotch pudding I got from the class that I TA in . When it was offered to me, I really didn't want to accept but the other girl that helps with me did so I figured why not. I'd never had butterscotch pudding before and I have to say its not bad.
Some blue cool aid I had to go along with it... You really can't go wrong with sugary drinks. But... Oh have you seen my new Miss Fancy Pants Nail polish.
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