Review: Jhirmack Silver Plus Shampoo

Sliver Plus ageless shampoo
A Review of Jhirmack Distinctions Silver Plus Shampoo.

This "purple" shampoo is for people with Gray, Blond, Bleached, or Highlighted Hair, to keep it healthy and take out the orange or coppery tone that is hard to avoid when you have light hair. Its said to boost texture and softness with natural anti aging properties. The directions are pretty simple wet hair and lather shampoo, then rinse thoroughly. 

 I naturally have very fair blond hair and a friend recommended I try purple shampoo to get the orange color out. Although I was a skeptic I went to the local supermarket and picked out the cheapest bottle of "purple" shampoo I could find, Silver Plus. After about a week of using it people started to compliment how nice my hair color, not only had this shampoo taken out all the brassy tones it had also enhanced the natural highlights and low lights. I use this shampoo daily without my hair drying out or feeling too oil and absolutely love it. 

Really the only weird thing about it is the texture of the Jhirmack Silver Plus Shampoo. Its not really thick but almost a little plastic like and when you pour it out sometimes you can see a line of lighter purple shampoo in contrast to the normal dark purple. This doesn't seem to affect anything though so I'm not too worried about it.

Smell 5/5
  •  This shampoo it doesn't smell especially flowery or anything, just clean. There really isn't any way to describe it, and even on the bottle there is no mention of a scent. It does have a lasting clean smell that stays around all day. Really a perfect shampoo for blondes who don't like smells.
Price 5/5 
  • I seriously bought this shampoo because it was the cheapest "purple" shampoo I could find at Walmart. Its available at almost any drug store for an equally cheap price. If this silver plus shampoo cost three times as much as it does it'd still be my go to purple shampoo.
Usage 5/5
  • This is a medium to dark purple shampoo and it really does work. It took all the brassy color out of my naturally light blond hair and works fantastic now that I bleach my hair. This is a great way to keep your hair platinum and not let it fade to yellow.
Health 4/5
  • Although it says it contains Antioxidants and CoQ10 (whatever that is) I didn't really see a difference between using this shampoo and any others. As I mentioned before this Jhirmack Silver Plus Shampoo does have an odd texture but it didn't bother either my skin or my hair.

Overall I have to say that I really like this purple shampoo, Jhirmack Silver Plus is my go to everyday shampoo. It doesn't have any real benefits to making your hair healthy (though it does have antioxidants in it) but by no means does it damage my hair. It does however keep my hair looking fantastically platinum and will work well for either dyed blond hair or if you're naturally blond to keep away the brassy color. This is also the cheapest purple shampoo around so you don't have to feel like your spending a fortune. 

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