Review: Delon Skin Cream

A review of Delon Vitamin E skin Cream

From the Dollar General. One dollar. Originally I bought a few of these skin creams, like fifty, to donate to a local low income nursing home. Something I do for a some holidays every year. A few weeks after delivering them, I realized I still had one in my car. I decided to try it. 

I'd never heard of Delon skin care before buying this. When I was getting it I wasn't too concerned about quality more of that its hypoallergenic.  Old people skin is probably super sensitive. I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of this lotion though.

Its a really light cream so it works great for the face. I'm not sure if that was its original intention though, just because of how its packaged. I'm sure all that vitamin E helps  keep my skin healthy too. I apply it all over my face and it doesn't leave any oily residue so I can go out right after wards. It also just happens to smell fantastic. 

Price 5/5
  • It was a dollar, so the price can't be beat.
Usage 4/5
  • Its not really packaged to be used as a face lotion so it can be hard to apply, but it works really well.
Smell 5/5
  • I love how it smells. Kind of the reason I use it.
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